Saturday, July 24, 2010


My dear fellow citizens,

As all the non-Muslims as well as non-believers of Pakistan are the HALF CITIZENS; so, they must be FULL CITIZENS at once. The best constitutional, non-violent and peaceful way to win the right of FULL CITIZENSHIP is to DEMAND repeal of the STATE RELIGION from the Constitution of Pakistan. Thus, in solidarity with the HALF CITIZENS of Pakistan, I have the honor to propose “INTERNATIONAL DAY AGAINST STATE RELIGION.” Let us fix the 11th day of August as “INTERNATIONAL DAY AGAINST STATE RELIGION.” I hope that the foundation of such Day (IDASR) will set individuals and groups in motion to openly express their views against the State Religion of Pakistan. Do you agree? If yes, then, let us urge all the countries of Europe and all the other civilized nations around the world including United Nations to recognize this DAY.